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Expecting Twins or More

Q & A--In the Home Stretch

Q.  What does your dr consider full term?

37 weeks.

.  Full-term was 38 wks, but they wouldn't try to stop labor after 36wks

I think my dr. said that full term for twins is 36 weeks.

My doctor wanted me to make it to 38 weeks, but wouldn't stop labor after 36 weeks.  He would not consider induction until my 40 week mark.

A.  36 weeks for twins.

My doctor kept shooting for the 40 weeks.  I think the closer you can get the better.

Q.  Types of presentations and how that affected delivery?

Both head down delivered vag.

My baby A was vertex and baby B was transverse.  That presentation allowed me to TRY for a vaginal birth.  Didn't work however, due to my blood pressure spiking during labor (long story).

A.  My twins were both vertex the entire pregnancy including at the u/s the week before they were born.  However, twin B turned breech the morning I delivered at 39 weeks (probably stretched me enough to start labor).  We did not know he was footling breech and my labor did not progress so I ended up with a c/s.  That is when we discovered he had turned breech.

A.  I had an emergency c-section but was told that as long as Baby A is head down, didn't matter what position Baby B was in, she would just be pulled out after A passed through.

A.  Baby A was breech and baby B transverse--gave me a first class ticket to the OR for C-section.  I didn't mind--I'm a wimp.

Q.  Dealing with rude questions - before & after

I think this is a problem every mom of newborns has, though you may get a few extras with twins.  Truthfully I was more frustrated, at first, by the multitude of people who just wanted to stop and chat when I was out with the boys, but then one day I decided to have a more positive attitude and just smile and go along with all the comments (I heard "You must have your hands full" MANY times each time I went out).  Now that the boys are "big" (9 mos) no one even looks at them.
The rudest thing that was ever said to me was in regards to my fussy baby.  When I agreed that I probably didn't pay as much attention to my easy going baby, the person said, "Don't you think you should THINK about how that will affect him?"  I was floored, and sputtered some response.  Now I think I should have said, "When your single baby was happy, did you play with her constantly or did you let her play contentedly while you did some chores?  Did that affect her adversely?  Don't you think being a SAHM is doing a lot for both of my children?  I believe in giving each child what he needs when he needs it."

I never got many rude questions--the worst was "were you on fertility drugs?"  A good comeback for that (which I didn't use) is:  "actually it was just tons of sex"

A.  I heard "Better you than me" many, many times.  I used to tell people "You know I used to say that too and here's the result!".  I now hear "Wow you have your hands full" to which I say now "Yes and its great".  I have people say that they respond "Better full than empty" but I don't use that for fear I'm saying it to someone struggling to conceive.

A.  I got tired of people asking how far apart my twins were.  I had a boy and a girl and my little girl was literally half the size of her twin brother so they didn't look like twins.  The other question that bothered me was "Are you the babysitter?" because I seem to be too thin to have given birth to twins.  And of course my favorite:  "Are they fertility treatment babies?" I answered all questions honestly.

A.  Stay positive.  When people say "I'm glad it is you and not me"  respond with "So am I".

Q.  Do twins always come early?

A.  No, but mine did, and without significant warning.

NO....more and more are coming right on time.  I believe about 60% are now delivered at term.  My boys happened to come six weeks early and were completely healthy.  They never spent one day in NICU and came home with me when I left the hospital.

Nope, they sure don't.  Of course everyone thought I would have them at least a little bit early but the weeks just kept passing on and on...I didn't think I was EVER going to have them.

A.  No mine came at 39 weeks although I thought I was going to be perpetually pregnant.  Good care by your health care giver and your paying close attention to your body can improve your odds for making it full term.  However, I do know women who did everything by the book and still ended up having them early.

A.  I appear to be the only mother of twins where I live that had preemies.  I know of 6 mothers of twins who delivered between 38-42 weeks.

A.  Not always.  I know women that had to be induced at 40 weeks.

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