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Expecting Twins or More

Q & A--In the Beginning

Q.  Are my HCG levels or my measuring large a sign I'm having twins?

My HCG levels were high, but it is important to remember that this is not usually a good determination of multiple pg.  My friend's HCG levels were exactly the same as mine, but she only had a singleton.  Here is a link with some info:  Early pregnancy: What are normal hCG levels?  I started measuring large at about 13 wks and was consistently 4wks ahead

I didn't know what my HCG levels were, and I didn't measure larger than normal until 24 weeks which is when the dr. thought he may have heard two heartbeats in different places and thus ordered an ultrasound (my OB office at the time didn't do ANY ultrasounds unless there was a a problem).

I had one HCG test and it was really high, but we had nothing to compare it to for checking for doubling.  My first OB exam the dr didn't say anything about measuring large, but on my second visit I was measuring large and my dr & dh thought they heard two heartbeats.  An u/s that afternoon confirmed twins.

A.    Since I tested positive early on an HPT I assume my levels were a bit higher but they were never formally checked.  I didn't measure large the whole pregnancy.  I didn't start to really show until around my 4th month or so and had to literally convince people with an ultrasound picture that I was pregnant with twins.

A.   I believe that twins will increase your HCG levels however my drs never suspected it based on my HCGs.  Showing early doesn't have a lot to do with it.  I didn't show until I was about 20 weeks along.  I know women who began to show almost in the first few weeks with singletons.  Measuring large could be a sign, however there are a number of reasons you might measure large.  I personally always measured small-it depends on the woman, the situation & the position of the baby(ies). 

Q.   Are the pregnancy symptoms worse with twins?

Not always.  I had some mild morning sickness and tiredness before I found out I was pregnant, but not enough to even make me think I was pregnant.

A.  I never vomited but I was queasy from weeks 5-13.  On the first day of my 13th week I woke up feeling great and never had a nauseous moment after that.

A.  For me the morning sickness (all day/night sickness) was extremely intensified over what I experienced with my two singletons.  I was extremely tired and cranky.  The sickness was so severe that I steadily lost weight up until the 18th week, when the sickness started to ease up.

Q.  Do ultrasounds miss a baby?

I've heard of this happening, but not often.  My guess is that the US tech wasn't trained well  enough.

It does happen, but pretty rare.  It depends on how early the u/s is done, the quality of the equipment, the experience of the tech and how the babies are positioned.

A.  I was told that it can happen if the tech didn't do a thorough job or if the baby was in a position to be missed but that only happens in rare instances (words from at least 4 of my ultrasound techs).

A.  ABSOLUTELY!!!!!  I had an intravaginal ultrasound at eight weeks with the twins.  I, the doctor, and everyone in the room only saw one baby.  I took a picture home of the little peanut and proudly showed everyone my "one" little baby.  I commented to everyone--"Well, now I KNOW there is only one in there, so I guess twins isn't what is causing the terrible morning sickness."  At every doctor appointment, the nurse would comment how she was hearing an "echo" of my own heartbeat on the doppler.  It wasn't until 18 weeks that the doctor did another ultrasound and both babies appeared.  What a shock!

Q.  I just found out I am expecting twins.  I'm scared.

Having a baby is scary, let alone two, but you will manage.  The pg will not necessarily be difficult, but it will be different than a singleton pregnancy.  Having two newborns is overwhelming, but we all make it.  You will too.

I cried when I first found out.  I knew people who had had twins and how hard it could be.  But I learned to love them both long before I saw them. 

A.  It is normal to be scared with any pregnancy.  I was terrified too and cried for two whole weeks but when the reality of it set in I was overjoyed and felt so blessed to be having twins.

A.  If you are scared, you are normal.  Anyone carrying twins (or a single for that matter) who claims she is not at all scared is in denial.

Q.  I have heard of vanishing twin syndrome and I'm scared of it happening to me.

.  We had a triplet disappear.  In our US at 8 wks there were 3 sacs, but only 2 HBs.  My Dr. said it might be too soon to see the third.  At 11wks, I started bleeding and it was confirmed that the third baby had diminished.  There was some bleeding, but nothing like a miscarriage and the sac just reabsorbed.  Once the HBs are seen, the chance of miscarrying is only 4%-7% depending on the mother's age.

A.  I was told there may have been a third sac but nothing ever resulted.  I did, however, have a bleed at 10 weeks.  My OB said it was either a third sac that miscarried or just a blood clot that passed through.

A.  It is frightening.  I guess the only reassurance is research to find out when you are in the clear.

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