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Expecting Multiples FAQ

Are you expecting twins, triplets or more? Or are you just worried that you might be?

Your concerns are just a little different than those of most pregnant women. We know because we have been there before you. The contributions to this website are all from other women who have had twins or supertwins (also known as triplets, quadruplets or also as high order multiples). These are our answers to the most frequently asked questions. These are real women's responses. Every situation is different, so we have different views based on what we had experienced during our pregnancies. Please enjoy reading these, but these experiences are no substitute for researching for yourself and talking to your health care provider (physician, ob, midwife and/or doula). If you are really concerned about a problem, please call your caregiver immediately!

The experience of being pregnant with twins or supertwins is one that many around you may not be able to relate to. There are many myths and false information out there that you will hear. You may be told many horror stories about giving birth to twins. And that doesn't even begin to cover what you will hear about the first year of raising your babies!

One of the most common things that mothers of twins or triplets look for is advice of those who have been there before and actually survived the ride. I hope that this website helps you feel less alone. Having twins has been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I know that other mothers of twins totally agree. We welcome you to our group!

This is a growing (like you are!) website so come back as often you want. I will be adding more questions, comments and links as time goes by so if you don't see a question, it might be here soon

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This information is provided as general information only.  It is not a substitute for discussing your situation with your health care provider.  If you are worried about a situation, please do not hesitate to call your health care provider.  Remember they are there for you and your pregnancy.